• High power multi-octave broadband designs

  • 100 % french design and manufacture

  • Custom-engineered and standard devices at cost effective

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French design and manufacture for RF and microwave assemblies

Deti is a French ten-person SME that designs and industrializes high technology electronic components and modules (DC - 50 GHz) for radiocommunication, telecommunications and microwave applications.

Since 1995, DETI uses its know-how to develop new components and assemblies as well as for resolution of problem related to obsolete functions.

Custom-engineered and standard components

Partner of major contractors, Deti deploys its skills as an ODM (Original Development Manufacturer), for projects based on customer’s specifications.

To be able to provide standard needs and volume markets, Deti develops its own low cost product lines "Made in France".



DETI's general brochures :


7 rue de Kérélie
29200 Brest

Tel : 33(0)2 98 47 90 57
Fax : 33(0)2 98 03 75 04

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