Manufacture and capabilities

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All our products are 100% french manufacture.  

Parts of our components are made in our facilities and part is done on our partners subcontractors ones. Each of them has been choosen for his high level of competency in accordance with the high level of requirements typical of our domain. Most of them are located in  Britany which is a region very rich in electronic industries for telecom and defense.

We call on subcontractors partners for :

  • Mechanical machining
  • Surface coating
  • Multilayer printed-circuit boards, copper circuits
  • Wiring, micro bonding





Mechanical machining   ► Full subcontracting
Thick Film technology   ► On our Site
Thin Film technology     ► Prototyping on site
Printed circuits              ► Prototyping on site
Lumped elements          ► On site or subcontracting






Simulation tools, Computer assisted design and drawing

CAD and Solid Modeling Design Stations
In-House Engineering Simulation Tools
Electromagnetic simulation softwares: Ansoft HFSS, Ansoft Designer, Ansoft Optimetrics,
3D CAD softwares: Solid Edge
Calculation and programming softwares
RF and microwave design software: Genesys
PCB design software


In-House Thick film Technology production unit


Class 10,000/1000 Clean RoomScreen insolators
Screen-printing machines - BACCINI                         Screen-printing dryers 150° - DEK                        1100°C ceramic firing oven (4 zones) - PCE






Other industrial equipment

Cutting and drilling: C02cutting lasers, YAG laser
Drying and Curing Ovens
Automatic Thermosonic wedge wire bonder - F&K DELVOTEC
Soldering stations


Optical and Metrological equipment

Measure scope – NIKON
Binocular microscopes - NACHET
Film Thickness controller - ZEISS


Environmental simulation testing

Temperature Cycling Chambers (rapid temperature cycling)
Humidity Testing
Gross Leak Testing


Electronic Tests and Measurements

Vector Network Analyzers 10 Hz to 40 GHz – AGILENT & ANRITSU
Spectrum analyzer 10Hz – 26.5 GHz – AGILENT & ANRITSU
Synthesized signal generator 250 KHz - 20 GHz - AGILENT
Scalar analyzer 2 – 20 GHZ - AGILENT
Waveguide Harmonic Mixer 33GHz to 50GHz – AGILENT
Noise source, 10 MHz to 18 GHz - AGILENT
RF and DC Power Testing



Our production unit is not only dedicated to manufacture our own products.


On customers’ drawing basis, we can act like a subcontractor in the management of a whole production. We make our expertise as a manufacturer available to our customers in order to:
- manage the process of industrialization of a prototype yet designed;
- improve an existing design and set up the batch production following the objective of a most effective cost and/or specifications.


We can implement the following technologies: 

  • Mechanical machining 
  • Thick Film technology 
  • Thin Film technology 
  • Printed circuits 
  • Lumped elements


The use of ceramic printed circuit boards offers many advantages over conventional electronic printed circuit boards (PCB) as the thermal conductivity of ceramics is far superior

 to that of PCBs.

Our facilities in thick film technology are used, on the one hand, for manufacture of our proprietary products (filters, power loads, mixers....) sold as individual parts or integrated in other modules we manufacture.

On the other hand, we design and mass produce Thick Film Hybrid Circuits on Alumina (Al2O3) and on Aluminium Nitride (AlN) on complex geometry substrates, also provided with laser made metal coated pass-thru holes. Alumina substrate high thermal and mechanical stability is extremely suitable for chip & wire components. Production can also be done according customers’ production records.