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DETI is specialised in the design & manufacture of microwave & RF components to meet specific requirements that might not otherwise be available. Standard parts don’t always have the specification you are looking for, this is where we step in.
We will discuss with you exactly what you want so that we know your ideal performance criteria. We will also ask what you can accept if the ideal is not possible on all parameters, as well as which parameters are most critical.

Then we will prepare an initial design with predicted performance and tolerances that we will 

 propose as a possible solution. This might then lead to a second iteration, or it might be accepted and move into the next stage of prototyping.
Once prototypes have been accepted we can then prepare for production in whatever volume is required.
We are able to perform batch production and single-part production in flexible dates of delivery depending upon the customer.
If you have any requirements that you cannot find an existing component for, or if you would like to discuss anything with us to see if we might be able to help then please contact us.